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Aleksandra Gospodinova

Product Manager

I feel that the program helped me develop essential skills and thinking as an entrepreneur which would be useful in both cases – creating a start-up or driving innovation and embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit in a company.

Katerina Kobakova

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

ABLE Activator is once in a life-time experience. I met incredible people and strongly believe that ABLE is all about the community and the people involved.


Yolita Doncheva

Product Manager

ABLE Activator gave me the wings to fly, to reach beyond my limits and develop a mindset of a doer. I was able to learn first-hand and get advice from successful entrepreneurs. I am proud to be part of this supportive community, in which I can grow and get inspired daily.

Teodora Chapkanova

Senior Project Manager

If you are looking for a way to challenge yourself, to get out of your comfort zone and at the same time find a network that will support your in your effort of becoming a better version of yourself an individual, professional and entrepreneur ABLE Activator is the way to go.


Sofiya Valcheva

Project Coordinator

I don’t believe in accidental things, I believe that everything happens to us at the right moment. But depends on us to take the shot. The opportunity came and I took it, as simple as that. ABLE Activator for me was space to improve myself, dear friends, inspiring environment.

Ronald Hristov

IT Project Manager

Made a lot of new friends with similar interests, thanks to the program.


Ivaylo Madzharov

Sales Representative

The ABLE Activator is community. You get friends, know-how, experience and new opportunities. But the difference between ABLE and other communities is the VALUE of everything. From the Experts to the lunch boxes.

Ivan Ivanov

Lead Data Scientist

My biggest takeaway from the program is that one can achieve great results with the right team and mindset even if given just very short time. The program affected my life by creating a new social circle for me and developing my entrepreneurial mindset.


Iliyana Mircheva

HRIS Manager

After participating in the program, I became a volunteer. Being part of the magic behind the scenes allows me to work with incredibly smart, motivated individuals, learn new skills, get to network with successful founders and mentors but most importantly, contribute to giving others the chance to go through this life-changing experience.

Elena Mena

Marketing Manager

The program is enriching and challenging on many levels as it developed entrepreneurial, communicative and personal skills. A key takeaway is that the more you want to do the more you can see you are able to!


Boryana Petrova

Business Strategy Manager

This was a dream coming true for me! The ABLE Activator program gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded and passionate individuals who turned into friends and team members beyond the boundaries of the sessions.

Anna Sarambelieva

Software Developer

ABLE Activator provides all the tools, knowledge and contacts for the participants to transform their idea into a business. Thanks to the program I learned how to talk to customers and investors, and I joined a wonderful community of ambitious entrepreneurs and bright leaders!


Ralitsa Dimitrova

Junior Business Consultant, Brightive

The practical tasks and the questions we were encouraged to ask brought us as close to real-life entrepreneurship as possible. I still keep all my notes, ready to consult them whenever I need to.

Emiliya Lambreva

Content Creator and Self-Published Author

In a world where entrepreneurs are often described as crazy dreamers, it’s worth knowing you’re not the only crazy dreamer in the room.


Viktoria Popova

HR Specialist, Hilti Bulgaria

I think it was during the first weekend of the program when I met all the other participants that I realized that I was going to be able to get out of my comfort zone. And that I don’t have to worry about it.

Daniel Tuechki

Co-founder at
Student at SU

ABLE Activator had a great impact on my life and I’m really grateful that it happened early on in my life. I got more self-confident that I’ll be able to achieve my goals and my dreams and it made me more professional than I was.


Aleksiya Kokolios

Employer Branding Strategist, BICA Services

Don’t be afraid (to sign up for ABLE Activator), take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, because you never know what might happen tomorrow.

Lulcho Georgiev

Research and Business Development, DRONAMICS

I definitely gained a lot  knowledge about starting a lean startup and how to set up my plan of action properly, and all those things really helped me gain a new perspective on how I think about my profession and about my work.

Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 9.47.17 PM

Bhushan Trivedi


ABLE Activator will challenge you and teach you an exorbitant amount in just over two months, but the network you gain and the friends you make will stay with you forever.

Mihail Djurev

Team Lead at Chaosgroup

ABLE Activator really opened my eyes asto how many different ways to start a business and to succeed there are.

Mihail Djurev

Taniyana Georgieva

Executive Board Member at ABLE
Life Coach

The biggest takeaways from ABLE Activator for me were the gain of entrepreneurial mindset, the supportive community and the toolkit of how to turn any idea into business.

Albert Pashov

Business Consultant

The BEST thing I took from ABLE Activator is the access to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria.

Albert Pashov

Teodora Chapkanova

Project Manager, HP

The best thing is that after every module you are left mind-blown by the things that you have learned and you have experienced. And although you get a bunch of new things to accomplish by the next module you develop laser-focus, get super motivated and always find a way to get things done.

Milko Penev

Business Development Consultant at Vivafarma

After the program I felt ready to take on the world. I just feel ready to start and this motivation is still in me.

Milko Penev
Plamen Tenev

Plamen Tenev

SAP Certified Hybris Professional

The most valuable thing I got from the program is the social network.

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Graduate from ABLE Activator (spring edition 2020) and currently a brand ambassador with Bica services


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Software developer and team lead, graduate from ABLE Activator (spring edition 2020)

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HR specialist at Hilti Bulgaria and a recent graduate from ABLE Activator (spring edition 2020)


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Business developer with DRONAMICS – an impressive innovative Bulgarian  startup which develops unmanned aerial systems for shipping commercial and special cargo applications

My Activator story: Video

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Software developer with Ontotext and a student in Sofia University  who specializes in Computer sciences


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entrepreneur and entertainer & fire artist with Fire Soul