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Yuliya Ivanova


Yuliya Ivanova

President of POdLEZNO, Executive Board Member at ABLE

Yuliya Ivanova is an NGO enthusiast, business consultant and educator. In the last 7 years she has managed 4 different organizations and she continues to be the president of POdLEZNO foundation. During the last 2 years she was in the Board of directors of ABLE and project leader of BOSS. In this period alone she inspired and helped over 300 people to develop their business ideas and over 60 companies to register and get started.


Yuliya is a specialist when it comes to efficiency of the everyday work and she will give the participants practical knowledge, tips and contacts. In this season of ABLE Activator. Her panel focuses in detail on the legislative and administrative obligations of a start-up and provides valuable insights on the essentials of responsible management.