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Vladimir Stefanov


Vladimir Stefanov

Life Coach at One Wild Life Bulgaria

Vladimir is a primary teacher, life coach and an actor. His mission is to support people to find their vocation which is in line with their values, dreams and talents. To fulfill it, he leaves his job as Leadership development consultant and co-founds One Wild Life – an organization which provides trainings in nature for personal development.

One Wild Life Bulgaria

He recalls how “I felt great at my first training because I was not in the office anymore, but in nature; not with formal clothes, but with my favorite ones, not being restricted by the corporate needs, but having honest and meaningful conversations which truly support the trainees. “. Another turning point in his life was 2017 when he went to Uganda as a volunteer.

He spent a year there teaching kids in the slum. After seeing the transformation in the students, Vladimir decided to become a primary teacher, where he finds his passion of teaching and guiding his pupils in achieving their maximum present and future potential, while also having fun. Vladimir believes in lifelong learning and after he acquired a Bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship, he has attended and received certificates for more than 20 international courses on various topics as Self-development, Leadership and Interpersonal skills, etc. In 2020 he earned a Master’s degree in Primary education. He loves to travel and explore the world. Since 2011 his hobby is acting and currently, he is playing in the performance “Of mice and man” by John Steinbeck.