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Tzvetelina Teneva


Tzvetelina Teneva

Co-founder & Senior Facilitator at The Business Institute

Tsveti began her career as a PR specialist in the Government Information Service,followed by Orbitel, where she successively occupied the positions of PR, Markom Manager and Marketing Director. In the 2005 Brand Manager Competition she won the Audiences’s award fot Orbitel’s brand in the David vs. Goliath category as well as the Best Presenter Award. In the fall of 2010, together with Svetlan Stanoev, Tsveti embarked on a new professional journey. Her “hobby, passion,” and “extra work during motherhood” grew into a brand, a company and a community – these were the foundations of The Business Institute. 

The Business Institute

Over the past 10 years, The Business Institute have worked with and helped hundreds of start-ups and growing businesses (both commercial and social ones) to make their crucial high leaps into innovative entrepreneurship. The Business Institute conducts workshops, master classes and business programs in: entrepreneurship, innovation, management, finance, marketing and sales. The company promotes professional and personal growth through experiential learning and alternative approaches.


Tsveti is a frequent participant in various initiatives for positive change and development of the business environment in Bulgaria. She is a lecturer at ABLE Activator, facilitator at the Academy “Innovation in Action” and the social entrepreneurship program “PROMYANATA”. In addition, she has also been actively working as a trainer since 2004 in the field of business modeling, marketing strategies and brand management.