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Rene Tomova


Rene Tomova

Co-founder of Creative Shower, Design Partner at Eleven Ventures

Believe it or not, Rene has changed her management position 7 times in the span of 10 years during the time she was working her corporate job. She then proceeded to leave the company, 3 years after becoming a Retail Director (responsible for 1300 people and close to 60% of the company revenues) in order to pursue her dreams. She began working with start-ups, having shared her experience and worked with more than a 100 of them from the portfolio of Eleven, after which she proceeded to create her own design thinking agency – Creative Shower.

Rene has been working with large corporates, mid and small companies or start-ups alike, doing coaching, mentoring and experimenting with different methodologies, processes and ways of approaching problems and challenges. Her experience covers a lot of trials and errors, lessons learned and mistakes to learn from. She is constantly looking for new methods and ways to improve the status quo, challenge the people to give their best and come up with relevant and meaningful solutions, as well as new ideas that will bring the future closer.