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Radostina Tsenova


Radostina Tsenova

Lead Manager of Tech Tour Investors Club

Associate in BgVCA

Radostina currently manages the Tech Tour Investors Club with 80+ of the leading independent VCs, corporate, governmental and institutional investors in Europe. 


Radostina joined the Management team of Tech Tour 5 years ago, leading the development of a project, aiming to support the needs and strengthen the cooperation between the 10k+ Tech Tour Community Members (mainly entrepreneurs and investors) from across Europe. She successfully led a team (all from ABLE) that attracted Tech Tour to Bulgaria, who then established their local office – where most of the activities are now being run . She was an Associate in the Administration of the President of Bulgaria for economic and innovation policy, where she worked for the support and growth of the Bulgarian economy through investment in innovations. Being an Associate in the Bulgarian Venture Capital Association, proud member of ABLE and TA in the Harvard-affiliated course in Bulgaria, she actively supports the entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem’s development in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe and initiates and maintains relationships for cooperation on an international level.