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Petko Karagyozov


Petko Karagyozov

Learning Designer and Facilitator at IBM Bulgaria

Petko Karagyozov is one of the trainers in IBM Bulgaria. He has been with thе company for over 5 years. He has an academic background in law and used to work in a company handling sport events and live scores. Currently, he has been on a few different roles within IBM – a customer support engineer, team lead of two teams and now a soft skills trainer – all in the Cisco project.

IBM Bulgaria

His main hobby and interest is photography and dealing with the weight of a bag full of camera gear, drones and accessories of all sort. Petko loves travelling around the world (when possible and safe) and has been in 30 European countries. Other interests include hiking and overall the love of the Bulgarian nature. He has a cat whose hobby is making scars on Petko’s hands but the little freak still is one of his favorite creatures in the world. (this probably doesn’t fit well with the format.. )