Ognyan Vasilev


Ognyan Vasilev

Business Development Coach

Getting things done. It often sounds way easier than it is, and this is exactly where Ognyan Vasilev will step in and help to shape your perspective. The positivity and energy he brings to the table will definitely work wonders on your value proposition. Ognyan has over 10 years of professional experience in the field, having worked as a Business Development Lead and has consulted the management of companies such as Coca-Cola and The Boston Consulting Group.


Ognyan is a passionate and devoted member of the ABLE community, having been involved in multiple of the Activator’s lectures and feedback sessions. His input has helped guide many of the projects in the program. His attitude and methods of teaching are designed to bring out the inner leaders and decision-makers in participants and his feedback will provide you with extensive pointers to consider and improve upon.