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Momchil Tzvetanov


Momchil Tzvetanov

Founder & CEO of Divlandia and Planinaria

Momchil is a professional mountain guide and a member of the international “Wilderness Guides Association” who has, since 2003, led over 750 group expeditions to a multitude of mountains, including all 39 situated in Bulgaria.  Alongside being the author of the 2012 book “The Bulgarian Mountains” („Българските планини“) and a range of mountain/tourist guides, Momchil is also a lead consultant for the “Domino” publishing agency and their range of mountain maps.


In addition to his love and work for the mountains, Momchil is also a specialized instructor on survival in nature. He has worked with the legendary Bear Grylls in the past and has been involved in a multitude of TV shows on surviving in the wild, such as the Discovery Channel’s “Dual Survival” and “Naked & Afraid” – in the latter one, he trained participants on how to survive for 21 days in the wilderness with nothing but their sheer willpower.

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