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Miroslav Dzhokanov


Miroslav Dzhokanov

CEO & Co-founder of Shkolo

Miroslav started Shkolo in early 2017, leaving behind a comfortable life and a successful career in one of the largest IT companies in Bulgaria. Why? He responds with a question, “What man is a man who doesn’t make the world better?” explaining, “The comfort and security of the corporate world are very tempting, but I feel I would be more useful to Bulgaria and the world doing something else.


The above motto has informed all of Miroslav’s endeavors, which include participation in ABF’s Summer Entrepreneurship Program, membership in the Board of Directors of the Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE), a stint as lecturer at Sofia University, and an active role in the public debate on education in Bulgaria.

Of all his undertakings, Shkolo best reflects Miroslav’s idealism, foresight, and out-of-the-box thinking. The Shkolo software, which he built with his own resources, aims to help Bulgarian schools enter the 21st century through the digitization of the school management process and through greater parental involvement in education. Instead of creating a widely applicable product that quickly adapts to different markets, Miroslav and his team developed a platform tailored to the needs of the Bulgarian education system, which implies limited scalability. In the field of educational technologies, however, one-size-fits-all solutions like Google’s and Microsoft’s do not always work, Miroslav says. “There is added value in tailor-made products.” Currently, ranks among the 30 most-visited websites in the country, surpassing even BG Mamma.

source: us4bg