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The Organics

Parents and children belong together even in the kitchen! Cook delicious simple meals with your tiny chef.

Participants: Alexander Gramatikov, Velizara Georgieva, Totyo Hristov, Yana Venkova, Diana Madzharova, Ellie Zareva-Hristova

Mentors: Tatyana Mitkova

Sector: Mobile App/Cooking

Season: Three*

*The 2nd and 3rd editions of ABLE Activator started as offline events, but had to adopt a hybrid and ultimately online strategy half-way through due to the spread Covid-19.

With our interactive meal planning app for parents and children you gain access to daily meal plans with simple recipes. The meal plans come with automated shopping lists – weekly or monthly. The recipes come with instructions on how to prepare the meals with the help of your child. This way you spend quality time together while providing balanced meals for the whole family.


A beta app in Bulgarian | 80 eager to test parents