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Alexander Grozdanov


Alexander Grozdanov

Co-Founder and CEO of Dextophobia Rooms

Aleksander Grozdanov is born in Sofia and majors in computer science in Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University. He started his career as a consultant on ICT projects for telecom operators, working for two years on projects in Belgium and Moldova. He is one of the co-founders of Dextophobia Rooms – one of the first Bulgarian mystery rooms and has been the CEO for the past 7 years. Alexander is also the program leader of Base Sofia and Base Mentor.

Dextrophobia Rooms

Alexander believes that innovation could be discovered both in high technology and in simple things such as a creative approach to choosing a location, positioning or building processes in the company.


Discovering innovations is result of in-depth research and analysis of consumer behaviour, and its proper application leads to a competitive advantage based on the new business. Based on his experience he truly believes that every business’ sustainability is based on deep focus as well as high motivation and quality of the managing team.