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DEMO DAY: Pitching & Awards

ABLE RETREAT: Welcome To The Able Community

Pitching Training Session with Nikola Yanev

Module 5 Sales Mastery & Beyond

Bulding Black Swan by Konstantin Rangelov

From 0 To Hero by Todor Gigilev

Module 4 Market Mastery: From Strategy to Finance

She Means Business!

Meet BESCO The Bulgarian Entrepreneur Association

Module 3 Refining Your Venture: Innovate & Captivate

Adapt or die: keeping up with the changes AI brings into technology and society

Module 2 The Path to the Customer: Startup Launchpad

Icanpreneur - First steps towards making your startup a reality

Module 1 Leadership Ignition: Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Вдъхновяваща среща със Сиси Симеонова

Вдъхновяваща среща с Любомира Вуткова

Вдъхновяваща среща с Георги Къдрев

Вдъхновяваща среща с Джейн Димитрова

ФМИ - Сблъсъкът на поколенията

Генериране на стартъп идеи с Рая Цветкова

Demo Day: ABLE Pre-accelerator

ABLE Autumn Retreat 2023

Demo Day: ABLE Weekend Activator

ABLE Weekend Activator, Sofia

Вдъхновяваща лекция с Георги Ненов

sociABLE: Drinks & Quiz Night