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ABLE Activator Previous Editions


We invite you to take a journey through the vibrant history of ABLE Activator, a program dedicated to nurturing innovative minds and propelling entrepreneurial visions into reality. Each edition represents a unique chapter in our story, an opportunity for growth, learning, and fostering a vibrant startup community.

Explore the milestones, successes, and impactful moments from our previous editions, showcasing the dedication and determination of aspiring intra- and entrepreneurs.

ABLE Activator 2023

ABLE Activator 2022

ABLE Activator 2020 - Autumn

ABLE Activator 2020 - Spring

ABLE Activator 2019

The Projects

Browse through some of the ideas that our participants generated and developed in previous editions of ABLE Activator.

No two projects are alike and each idea mirrors the team’s values and the problems they chose to work on in the program.


Parentlly is for expecting and new parents who want to find credible information and connect with specialist all in one place. Our product is a platform that provides a holistic masterclass program on all topics around pregnancy, birth and postpartum, delivered by experts.

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VeloDot’s smart bike tail-light & radar helps cyclists in urban & intercity roads feel safer and avoid getting into accidents on the road by detecting cars in dangerous proximity to them and alerting them.

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Scape – is an application which creates the environment for team bonding & collaboration of remote teams via wellness habits challenges. We ensure accountability and sustainability via buddy system & reward system.

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Benefito empowers SMEs to retain and attract top talent, unlocking higher labor productivity and a stronger hiring magnet that rivals larger enterprises all without breaking the bank.

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Ascenta is a collaborative VC portfolio management software that provides 360-degree visibility into VCs’ venture-building operations and resources and helps VC teams with hands-on approach maximize the potential of their portfolios.

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GoWild – We help big companies increase employee engagment and retention while achieving their CSR goals (involve eployees in causes and provide them with volunteering options) in a fun, active and gamified way.

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Labsi – is an app that helps you monitor and improve your health. We do this by storing, analyzing, and visualizing your lab results and how they change in time. Labsi will also provide you with information on what the result indicators mean and insights on how to improve your health.


rePose is on a mission to help couples, where at least one of the partners is snoring, to sleep better and improve their relationship as well while eliminating the need to go to separate rooms or wake up at night.


Revive – is a peer-to-peer marketplace for second hand fashion where users can buy and sell clothes. Helping sellers sell more at their own price and also save time through an automated process of listing, whilst creating trust between both sides with a strong ratings and reviews system as well as building a community – where buyers can follow the profiles of their favorite sellers and sellers expand their following.

Lotus – is a simplified employer-to-employee gifting: boosts the employee appreciation and satisfaction levels in the times of the great resignation by offering a range of pre-set surprise “thank you, you are special” boxes with healthy food treats, branded swag, drinks and practical items.

MyNextCar is for inexperienced second-hand car buyers, who need hassle-free purchase journey, this marketplace introduces more trust in the process by providing help along every step of the way, verified information and accurate product description.


MindFit – connects Enterprise employees with a network of select mental health professionals. It’s a monthly subsription based employee benefit that makes psychotherapy easily accessible at a reasonable price. 


FIVE – is an application for mindful young men and women looking for a serious relationship. Focus your attention on five people at a time. Additionally, our dating expert services increase the chance of getting their matches.


FoodObox –  B2C -> Buy high quality food left unsold at up to 70% off, Help reducing food waste. B2B -> Costs optimization from leftover food with no effort, New channels of sales, Green image

The Organics – is a time-saving meal planning app for parents who need fresh and balanced meal ideas. With a month ly subscription (with one week free trial); Sponsorship (later): local supermarkets, specialty stores and brands like eBag on an affiliate marketing basis.

Gordost Na Fermera

Gordost Na Fermera – We help small farmers increase their profits by using our solar food dehydrators, which increases the shelf life and market value of their fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

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ExplorAR – We are developing a location-based storytelling mobile app. We will tell the untold stories of your surroundings, which you will be able to hear and see in 3D by loading the story on your phone and looking through it to immerse yourself in the AR experience.

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ExtraHand – We provide one-stop-shop for high quality handymen services and save time by introducing concierge service, extended working hours by certified handymen and online diagnostics.

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LOOKAROUND – Is a software plugin, which allows architects and interior designers to transform their 2D images into VR environment without the need of learning new skills or spending hours on the creation.

Read more – is an online marketplace set to make sustainable living and developing eco-friendly habits as simple and easy as possible. We provide curated content aimed to raise awareness to pressing environmental problems and offer eco-friendly and zero waste alternatives to everyday items in every aspect of life. Parallel to that, we share tips on what each person can do in order to have a more sustainable lifestyle. 

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0700 is a platform for dialing paid service-hotline numbers easily for free with a freemium model – free to use our services – supported by ads. is a marketplace which serves as a channel to connect international tourists with locals with a commission fee on all booked experiences through the online platform.

TRIVI-ME is an electronically enhanced trivia board game with an unlimited number of possible questions!

OnBoardMe is a platform that facilitates and helps with employee onboarding. With a revenue plan of 3% from gross monthly salary of the onboarded employee for the first six months. 

Dentourium is an online web platform where UK users can choose individual dental and holiday service packages. Having a 20% commision fee from the dental service.

Culturator is a platform for cultural events curation and active offering with up-to-date information, visibility of program content, real-time prioritization, user history and individual approach, partnerships with corporations and food and beverage production companies.


FIVE is a relationship app aiming to create meaningful connections

The Organics

An interactive meal planning app for parents and children.


A platform in which customers have access to affordable high-quality food left unsold by food stores.


A software plugin that allows architects and interior designers to transform their 2D imaged inro VR environment.

Gordost na Fermera

A social enterprise that aim to provide small-scale farmers with an easy to use and cost effective way to dry fruits and  vegetables.


Application for the tech-savvy tourists who want to explore new places in a new way.

Extra Hand

One-stop-shop for all your home repairs and high quality handymen services.

Subscription boxes containing eco-friendly alternatives for travel/bathroom/kitchen tools.