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Book Review: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries


Book Review

Lean Startup
By Eric Ries

The Lean Startup is a concept created and mastered by Eric Ries. Consulting Start-ups and established businesses on how most effectively to utilize his teachings Eric Ries has revolutionized the way firms work. Using the Start-up way of thinking even on global scales he has shown how firms benefit from this innovative approach and how much there really is to learn.

So… From the short first paragraph you can probably guess that I will be recommending this book. But the more important question that remains now is – who do I recommend this book to? Well to start off, even though it’s well-written and easy to understand, I would keep it for those who have had maybe at least one or two businesses behind their back at this stage. Why not recommend it to everyone – especially since I always recommend people read as much as they possibly can? Well it’s because the concepts within this book, although capable of being understood on a theoretical level by everyone will have a much more profound impact on those who have actually set up a business before in my opinion.

This book comes in to the top of my favourites when it comes to a list of the best business books I would recommend. The fact that it touches on so many different aspects is key to its success as a well-rounded source. From choosing a team, to management within a large corporation, and all the way down to how we actually learn from mistakes – taking on a Validated Learning approach instead of simply saying “mistakes are good”, the Lean Startup will help you improve. You can take many different books which focus on theory and lead you down a path of how a business should be run, but this is one of those few great reads which helps you apply it all in practice. Having a mentor beside you to guide your development is best, but if you lack such a person in your life, then this book certainly does its fair share of that instead.

Overall, this book would come in as a 4.7 out of 5 for me. I belive the lessons it delivers are crucial to any business owner and most especially to those who are slightly more experienced. Again, not because there is nothing to learn even from a beginner’s perspective, but because of the added value you will receive having had the experiences yourself. As usual, I’ll look to keep a post of this book on one of our social media accounts (if you want to find it, click the buttons below that will take you there) and let us know in the comments your thoughts about it!

Written by Lenard Adanov


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