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Book Review: Money by Rob Moore


Book Review:

Money: Know More, Make More, Give More

Today’s newsletter covers an interesting read by an international bestseller. I could not be more vague right? Well, it is Money: By Rob Moore! This read by a writer who had a different-than-most rags-to-riches story lays bare his relationship with money and how changing it helped him to grow into the person he is today. From a rather great yet struggling artist to becoming a real-estate mogul, Rob Moore has an interesting tale to share. Albeit similar in advice to that of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – a book which we will also cover later, Money does cover things in a different light…

For this book review I will not look to summarize the book too much. I will however mention the “10 rules for making more money” it describes.

  • Understand what money is (and what it is not)
  • See the good in it, not just the bad
  • Realise your beliefs around money aren’t real – they’re just your beliefs
  • Use it for positive purposes, to bring about a greater good
  • Remember people will judge you anyway, so you might as well be rich
  • Your past does not dictate your future
  • Decide upon the standard and quality of life you want to live and then figure out how to get it
  • Know that you are not ‘taking’ from anyone. You are giving value and ensuring the continued flow of energy
  • The more wealth you have and the richer you are, the bigger the personal economy you will create and sustain around you
  • There are four key ways to effectively use your money to build a positive relationship with it – Save, Invest, Spend, and Give.

So why am I saying this? Well although not all beliefs expressed in this book are ones I would personally agree with, I do see how this book can be inspirational for some to take that first step. For that – I must recommend it. It is a book with an author who simultaneously self-deprecates himself for not being anybody special, yet also goes to show off his successes. I will look to keep a post of this book on one of our social media accounts (if you want to find it, click the buttons below that will take you there!) and let us know in the comments your thoughts about it!

Written by Lenard Adanov


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