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Book Review: Atomic Habits


Book Review

Atomic Habits By James Clear

Today’s newsletter covers an absolutely brilliant book that we here at ABLE Activator absolutely love! What is this incredible read you ask? Well, ask no more – it’s Atomic Habits by James Clear! This exceptionally quick read is an incredible statement which shows how much one can change when they break everything down to the smallest (science-pun alert) … particles!

The whole concept of this book is to never face a task where the only possible outcomes are 100% success or 100% failure. Dealing with such extremes always lets failure loom overhead when the key is really in the smallest, incremental steps you can take. An improvement every single day of 1% for 100 days will let you improve far more than trying to achieve the entirety of a task to 100% in a single day.

For a more concrete example of this, imagine you set a goal for yourself: “I want to become healthier by cycling for 1 hour every single day”. Well, there is an issue with this type of a goal and not only in the fact that it is not set using the “SMART” metric – a system we will discuss in a later article. The issue with this statement is that it does not focus on your personal growth. You are expecting with this statement to be able to do the same amount from day 1 as you are expecting to do on day 100. Do something simpler.

Tell yourself that today you can cycle for 10mins. Tomorrow, improve this by 1%. You may not feel a dramatic difference from 10mins to 11mins, but that is the goal. Soon you will be doing increasingly more until you reach your original goal, and you’ll enjoy the challenge of improving, by at least the smallest amount every day. Now this one paragraph is obviously not meant to represent the entire book and all the contents within, but it is meant to shine a light on the concepts and thinking of the mind behind it.

As far as a review goes, I know I have done nothing but summarize it so far, but this was done, so that when I tell you it is highly recommended, you have some idea as to the type of book this is and the ideas within. It is extremely well written and with incredibly helpful free material available from the author’s website at you can fully avail of all his advice and tips.

It is a book that drastically helped to change my life, for the better I might add, and I honestly believe that it will help you change your outlook on certain tasks or goals you have in life too. I highly recommend this book and would give it 4.6 stars out of 5 as a book to fellow entrepreneurs.


Written by Lenard Adanov

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