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ABLE Activator 2021: Health & Safety

Dear future Activators,

The changes we have witnessed throughout the past few months  proved that the entrepreneurial spirit people possess makes them ready to face any obstacles that appear before them. We revolutionized the way we work, the way we communicate, and the way we think about our physical and emotional well-being.

Most of us realized the true value of personal contact and being able to get to know the people around us.  This is especially valid when it comes to making meaningful connections, be it business or personal.

ABLE Activator in an Offline Environment

The main purpose of the ABLE Activator is to provide you with a holistic learning experience. This includes not only formal learning activities, but community building as well. We would like to deliver the program in its entirety, because our goal is for you to benefit from the countless opportunities that it provides.

Nevertheless, our top priority stays the health and safety of our participants, organisers, lecturers and everyone else involved in the upcoming edition of ABLE Activator. 

We plan to conduct the program in an entirely offline environment, while ensuring the highest standards of health safety. If, however, the government closes all options for physical events, we will adopt an online strategy. 

Our Experience with Hybrid and Online Events

We already have rich experience in organizing online and hybrid events, and can assure you that a possible lockdown will not affect the quality of your learning experience. You can browse through some photographs from previous editions here, and get a feel of what the Activator is like in a Covid era.

If we’re unable to organize the first module offline, however, we will postpone the whole program for the following autumn.

Health Safety Measures for an offline Activator

  1. When conducting our physical events, we will ensure all government recommended provisions. This includes masks, sanitizers and personal protective equipment (PPE). We will also implement social distancing for the wellness and safety of everyone involved.
  2. In order to guarantee everyone’s safety, throughout the program participants and members of the organizing team will have to undergo a number of PCR or other type of COVID diagnostic tests. More details will be provided during the interview phase.
  3. If there is a confirmed case of Covid 19 during the first 3 weekends of the program, we will postpone that person’s participation for the next edition of ABLE Activator. Id this occurs after the 3rd weekend, we will undertake the necessary steps to accommodate his online participation for the following modules. 

Final words

We are sure everyone understands the motives behind those decisions and rely on your future cooperation for their implementation. And before we finish, just one more thing – on behalf of the whole team I’d like to express our excitement for the upcoming edition of ABLE Activator; we can’t wait to meet everyone at the interviews which will take place in Sofia on April 24-25th. See you there!

The applications are open, so make sure to submit yours before the deadline on April 15th for a chance to join the Ultimate Entrepreneurship Program.

Stay safe,

Yana Perperieva
Project leader of ABLE Activator