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My Activator story: Video interview with Lulcho Georgiev

My Activator Story: Video interview with Lulcho Georgiev

My Activator Story

Video interview with Lulcho Georgiev

My expectations were high – I knew people from ABLE from before and I knew that they were very capable people, so I was expecting a pretty good program. And if I have to be honest – the expectations were more than met – it was an incredible experience. – shares Lulcho Georgiev, business developer with DRONAMICS – an impressive innovative Bulgarian  startup which develops unmanned aerial systems for shipping commercial and special cargo applications.

Lulcho is also currently the President of the executive board with ABLE. He graduated from the first edition of the ABLE Activator program and is part of ABLE since 2019. He also participated in  the economic courses at the Centre for Economic Strategy and Competitiveness (a.k.a. Harvard courses), while his bachelor’s degree in business administration was completed at the University of Bath in 2014. In addition, he has previous experience in running his own import business for medical supplies. Before that he worked as a financial auditor and financial analyst.

“You should never go solo, every time you have an idea that you want to validate, you want to test be sure to speak to people, try and get some people on board with you. Create team, maybe two or three people and then start cracking on. I think having teammates and working on a project as a team, as a group is probably my biggest takeaway from ABLE Activator.” 

Join us for the whole interview below and find out more about Lulcho’s experience and what he gained from the program.

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