This program will show you that there's more than one right path to success.

My Activator story with Ralitsa Dimitrova

Participant Quote - Ralitsa

I found out about ABLE Activator at just the right time – in a moment of self-reflection. My goal was to find my next challenge. I wanted to experiment, fit in among great people and develop new skills.

Even though I didn’t perceive myself as an entrepreneur, the list of my side-projects and interests had always been growing. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the program, but I was motivated to challenge myself and try something new, especially so I could build my leadership skills.

Application Process & Interview

I was traveling to Budapest at the time when the applications were open. The deadline was upon me, so in the end I sneaked away from my friends and wrote all night to finish the application essays.

They were challenging, because they required deep reflection on topics you may not think about every day. However, I’m glad we were required to write them because they helped us get to the depths of our motivations.

The informal interview really helped me relax and be myself more. The official interview was intense, full of surprising questions which gave me a glimpse of the type of person that belongs at ABLE. It was also a sort of a test on how well you perform when put on the spot and under pressure.

It’s funny that as interested as the jury was to get to know me, I think I learned a lot more about myself during the interviews.

The program

One thing was crucial for me in this experience – getting to know like-minded people. And let me tell you, in those two months I formed more friendships than in the past two years, since returning to Bulgaria from my studies in Germany.

The school-like setting provides ample opportunities to spend time with the other participants, so you can share multiple experiences and truly bond together.

I have a technical background and never had any access to the business world, so 99% of the content of the lectures was new and invaluable to me. Everything from sales to strategy and business models broadened my horizon.

The practical tasks and the questions we were encouraged to ask brought us as close to real-life entrepreneurship as possible. I still keep all my notes, ready to consult them whenever I need to.

The community

Before ABLE Activator, I didn’t realize the full power a network could have.

At ABLE, you’ll meet people who will always give you the benefit of the doubt, understand you and try to help you. It’s the kind of social security I don’t take for granted. Having the community behind me encouraged me to take risks and to think of ups and downs as a sequence of learning experiences.

The team project

Forming the team was an experience in and of itself. There were a ton of people that I got to know the first two weekends and wanted to work with. Moreover, I was interested in social entrepreneurship, so the project I joined was the clear choice for me.

I will admit my confidence was shaky at first. I feared I wouldn’t be able to contribute to the task we had, so I was nervous. However, working on the project showed me that lack of previous experience doesn’t have to hold you back. You can always compensate with hard work, dedication and team spirit.

Working with my team gave me the confidence to jump into tasks I would have shied away from before.

ABLE Activator will challenge your mindset, help you form genuine connections with likeminded people and make you feel at home. This program will show you that there’s more than one right path to success. Join us and forge your own!


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