My Activator Story

Video interview with Victoria Popova

“ABLE Activator even exceeded my expectations, because not only did I develop practical thinking but I also managed to create a very positive network. In addition to that I implemented a lot of the lessons I learned in my personal and professional life.” – says Victoria Popova, an HR specialist with Hilti Bulgaria and a recent graduate from ABLE Activator (spring edition 2020).

When asked whether the Activator program has impacted her personal or professional life in any way, Victoria goes on to share:

In my professional life I think that even now when I try the lean startup steps I am implementing them in  the  ideas that I have at work. So an example of that would be I was thinking of developing a training idea and  I basically went through the lean method to see if it was going to be useful or not. And in my personal life I became a little bit more risk taking than before.” 

Join us for the whole interview below.


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