Meet Aleksander Grozdanov, ABLE Member, Co-founder and CEO  of Dextrophobia Rooms, DextrActive, DEXTROCITY

Dextrophobia Rooms is the first real-life, “room escape game” in Bulgaria. This incredibly enjoyable game combines aspects of real life with intellectual challenge and team spirit. Founded in 2014, Dextrophobia now operates four escape rooms in the city center of Sofia, the brand Cards2Go – interactive social card game in real-life and various team building and experiential marketing campaigns and products with focus on active entertainment and gamification.

Dextrophobia rooms banner

Tell us more about how you started

The main thing about Dextrophobia Rooms’ foundation was never about the idea itself, but rather the vast pool of circumstances surrounding it.

Back in 2013 Dextrophobia’s team was already in place without even realizing it or having any knowledge about escape rooms. We started as a group of close friends and colleagues who used to gather almost every night, discuss various startup ideas and plan how to change the world. Once we heard about the existence of escape rooms in Hungary, it was a matter of focus and execution to bring this new trend to Bulgaria. It all started with the right team waiting patiently and passionately for their trigger to come!

To know the right people and set up your surrounding environment accordingly was the most important factor in Dextrophobia’s story and many others IMHO.

What inspired you to start ?

Aside from the existing team, the idea for creating escape rooms was something that encompassed both the scope of our interests and our existing (or at least imagined) expertise and skills. Beyond the rationale – it just sounded like an amazing… hobby.

This mindset had its pros and cons over the years, but I’ll never suggest anyone start something if it doesn’t sound at first as an amazing way to spend your free time! It has been 5 years for us so far and we keep enjoying it!

Did you have mentors during the process? W

The mentors played an extremely important role in Dextrophobia’s story as a company. First, as part of Start It Smart pre-accelerator and later in the batch in Eleven Ventures, our mentors, partners, and investors were the ones that helped us transform a hobby into an actual business.

For that reason, I believe ABLE Activator is the number one place to be in 2019 if you want to start your own venture!

What’s ABLE for you?

I’ve joined ABLE in 2016 and it proved to be one of my main drivers, both personally and professionally, ever since then. It’s hard to count all the moments when I have received the right support from the community.

What is your advice for wannabe entrepreneurs?

Surround yourself with smart, like-minded people as much and as soon as possible! Only this will go the long way from finding your team, clarifying your idea, keeping the motivation and willingness to start.

ABLE Activator is an amazing opportunity to find those people and gather knowledge for your venture to be successful.

And here I am, waiting for YOU, together with 200+ amazing ABLE people, eager to share our first-hand experience and support your bold ideas!