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“Starting is easy. The challenge is to start all over every day!”

Meet Iskren Mitev, ABLE Member and Escreo Co-founder

ESCREO transforms the way you work and collaborate. “We created a product, that sparks your imagination, gives a boost to your creativity and helps you become more productive. ESCREO is not just a whiteboard paint, it is a business tool, that challenges the status quo. The old whiteboards and flipcharts now make room for innovation – whole walls for writing ideas, planning your projects and getting things done. A fuel for spontaneous collaboration in your workspace.”, Iskren Mitev, Escreo Co-founder

Tell us more about how you started

Flocks of a feather fly together. I found the right people! We met in Babson College during our Summer Entrepreneurship Program 2013 and later joined ABLE. It was not love from first sight but it turned out great! 😉

Dry-erase paint was not our first idea. We wanted to make tram barriers, sandwiches and just after we failed these ideas, we started with Escreo.

What did inspire you to start?

The good example of others in the community who followed their dreams. The flaw of overconfidence and my inability to comprehend the tiny odds of success helped as well.

Did you have mentors during the process?

Yes, we had been lucky to have many mentors along the way. Investors, advisers, friends, customers, critics and many reality checkers… Escreo would be nothing without these people!

What is the main challenge when starting a venture?

The main challenge is to overcome the fear of failure and open yourself for feedback.

Starting is easy. The challenge is to start all over every day! To keep the passion and learn how to create it when it is not there anymore. To learn to love, understand and persevere… To be able to grow intellectually over your desires and emotions…

Being an entrepreneur can be dreadful, lonesome, boring, tiresome, ungrateful, meaningless and risky. Unless when it’s not!

What is your advice for wannabe-entrepreneurs?

“Entrepreneur” is just a fancy word. You can be awesome what/who/where ever you are! Do not settle in for mediocrity. Learn to care less for what others think and work hard towards the realization of your ideas.

What’s ABLE for you?

My circle of shared illusions. My shelter for forgotten ideals. My friends and beloved foes!

What does bring you the ultimate satisfaction?

The sudden release of oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and endorphin. Attention from the people I love, a happy client, cats, the rare event of a content co-founder, labrador puppy, when things work out…the list might go on!

How do you define success?

For me success is just a state of mind! Sometimes is waking up on time, other times is making my wife smile. 🙂