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Starting a Business is Inevitable!”

Meet Martina and Branimir, ABLE Members and IRchitect Masters

Entrepreneurship=Surfing, ABLE= Success?

Meet Martina and Branimir, co-founders of IRchitect and Mastilo Coworking Space…

IRchitect creates offices, residences and commercial spaces more attractive and effective by designing the interior appearance and managing the construction within a single service. IRchitect strives to be the flagship of what is new, brave and innovative when it comes to design of buildings and interior spaces.

Tell us more about how you started.

We had firsthand experience in the architecture and interior design industry when we founded IRchitect. We knew how things work and, more importantly, could see a better to do them. Our job is to bring joy and calmness into our customers’ homes. We analyse their needs and budget, and guide them through the process of interior design together turning uncertainty into beauty.

What did inspire you?

Starting a business is inevitable. Once you have a good idea, you become overwhelmed by it, keep seeing it taking place, imagine the steps, imagine the world after your vision is complete… At one point you have no other choice but to start!The exact point when we quit our day-jobs came with the realisation we needed to take up new challenges, more responsibility and visibility – something that the 9-5 jobs were not able to provide.

Did you have mentors during the process?

No. Looking back, this is something we regret! We had to be good at various fields like marketing, sales, HR, accounting, etc. Running a business was something we had zero experience in and having a mentor to advise us during the hard moments would have been very helpful.

What is it like to be an entrepreneur?

Having your own business is like surfing – you have to keep a delicate balance at an insane speed. At the same time it is a lot of fun!

What is your advice for wanna-be-entrepreneurs?

Less talk, More action!

What’s ABLE for you?

ABLE is all the people who give us faith that Bulgaria will change for the better!

We love sharing their enthusiasm and skills, their stamina and madness…  We are happy to live in the same day and age with such passionate people!

What does bring you the ultimate satisfaction?

The feeling that your hard work, experience and skills can change someone’s life in 5 minutes.

How do you define success

Ask yourself: “What would I be doing if money wasn’t an issue?”

Success is when you answer: “Exactly what I am doing now”.