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Our mission is to promote entrepreneurship and leadership in Bulgaria by empowering ambitious self-starters bring meaningful ideas to life.

The Program

An exclusive 6-weekend entrepreneurship program that provides 30 ambitious young professionals residing in Bulgaria with the knowledge, network and mentorship to generate breakthrough ideas and develop them to a ready-to-launch version.

6 jam-packed weekends

30 ambitious self-starters

ABLE Community

We are a vibrant community of young people who make a difference wherever they go. Our goal is to develop an active civil society, inspire leadership and promote entrepreneurial culture in Bulgaria.

Completing the program gives you the opportunity to join ABLE.

The Mentors

Experienced mentors who will ask the hard questions, challenge your assumptions and offer tailored advice and guidance based on your project’s specific needs.

Individual mentorship for each team

Industry-specific knowledge & advice

20+ internationally recognized speakers

Weekly workshops that move the needle

The Speakers

First-hand learning experience from successful innovators, internationally recognized experts and industry leaders.

Gain access to workshops, content and contacts which will teach you the methodology behind market validation, business modeling, prototype development, and  much more.


ABLE Activator had a great impact on my life and I’m really grateful that it happened early on in my life. I got more self-confident that I’ll be able to achieve my goals and my dreams and it made me more professional than I was.

Daniel Tuechki
Co-founder at
ABLE Activator really opened my eyes as to how many different ways to start a business and to succeed there are.

Mihail Djurev
Mihail Dzhurev
Team Lead at Chaosgroup
ABLE Activator will challenge you and teach you an exorbitant amount in just over two months, but the network you gain and the friends you make will stay with you forever.

My Activator story with Bushan Trivedi
Bhushan Trivedi


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