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We are grateful that we received a record number of very strong applications. All applicants have been sent an email with feedback on their selection process status.

What is ABLE Activator?

ABLE Activator is an exclusive 7-week(end)-long entrepreneurship program that provides YOU with:


Equips you with the right tools to start your own venture.


Provides practical knowledge through interactive teaching methods.


Introduces you to the Bulgarian entrepreneurial ecosystem through meetings with our brightest entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Gets you to meet internationally recognized lectors and mentors.


Fosters your entrepreneurship mindset to enable creativity and self-confidence in everything you undertake.

ABLE Community

After successful completion you can become a member of the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs - a strong community of more than 250 young professionals and entrepreneurs, working towards positive change in Bulgaria.

How will it look like?

The program is divided in the following 7 MODULES:

Week 1 (15-17 February 2020)
Activation 40%

Character and Leadership

We take you to a remote location and put you through multiple challenging and fun activities to develop your leadership potential and introduce you into the program’s spirit.

Week 2 (21-23 February 2020)
Activation 50%

Deep Dive: Idea Formation & Hackathon

Dive head first into the deep waters of start-up creation. Throughout the weekend, you will be guided by our mentors in the process of refining an idea and turning it into reality.

Week 3 (6-8 March 2020)
Activation 60%

Value Creation and Feasibility Testing

Learn how to create value in a series of practical exercises presented by top lecturers and entrepreneurs. At the end of the weekend, you will know how to properly assess any entrepreneurial idea in order to maximize its value creation potential.

Week 4 (13-15 March 2020)
Activation 70%

Business Model

Define the best ways of conducting a business and generating revenue. In a series of simulations and games you will learn to identify the most appropriate business models for each idea.

Week 5 (27-29 March 2020)
Activation 80%

Business Model 2

Define the best ways of conducting a business and generating revenue. In a series of simulations and games you will learn to identify the most appropriate business models for each idea.

Week 6 (3-5 April 2020)
Activation 90%

Go-To-Market, Sales & Negotiations

Finding the right approach to customers is tough. You, however, will face this task head-on so that you receive the proper tools and experience to handle it.

15 April 2020
Activation 95%

Demo Day

At the end, the stage and the mic are yours! You’ll have a final pitch presentation in front of a Jury of entrepreneurs and investors as well as a large audience of people from the startup ecosystem.

Week 7 (24-26 April 2020)
Activation 100%

Welcome to the ABLE Community

For the final weekend we will again leave Sofia for the ABLE & The Activators Spring retreat where successful participants will receive their certificates and be invited to join ABLE.

  • Each module will take place on a long weekend, typically starting at 7 PM on Friday. Weeks 1, 3 and 7 will be outside of Sofia with accommodation provided.
  • Modules 1 and 3 will have activities during business hours of a week day (Monday, February 17th and  Friday, March 6th). Applicants should plan to take those 2 days off-work/study to attend.
  • Each Wednesday we’ll have interactive lectures and panel discussions on various topics concerning the future development of your venture.
  • Finally, you’ll be taken to a special “Welcome to the ABLE Community” weekend retreat to celebrate success, meet other ABLE members and have fun.
  • ABLE Activator has a participation fee of 330 BGN. A limited number of scholarships will be provided for distinguished student applicants.

Our PERFECT candidate is:


You cannot stand and observe problems neutrally. You are a proactive Solution-Hunter.


You often seek ways to unleash your Greatness.

Determined Entrepreneur

DETERMINED to become a successful entrepreneur, ready to work hard, devote time and energy to bringing an innovative business or a social impact idea to life. You are a DOER.

What do we provide?

  • First-hand learning experience from successful innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders as well as site visits to startups and innovative companies.
  • Practical exercises that will lead you through the startup roadmap - from generating your breakthrough idea to its ready-to-launch version.
  • An in-depth understanding of key aspects of enterprise and innovation in a global context.
  • Safe and friendly environment where you can be creative, develop critical thinking, practice communication and collaboration, fail multiple times and improve.
  • Becoming part of the strong and impactful community of ABLE which works towards positive change in Bulgaria.

With more than 250 young leaders and entrepreneurs, part of our network, the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE) strives to develop the entrepreneurial community in Bulgaria as well as create opportunities for its members and partners internationally.

We are alumni of the Bulgarian Young Leaders Program, who in 2011 founded a nonprofit to serve as a platform for our ideas towards positive change in our country.

Our mission is to develop an active civil society, inspire leadership and spread entrepreneurial culture in Bulgaria.

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